I'm really glad that I hired Removals Clapham Junction for my office relocation. The staff were friendly and worked quickly, my goods were well cared for and the price was a lot cheaper than the competition could offer thanks to a special offer. It was very impressive so I had to write this review!

  • Jack M.

Movers Clapham Junction supplied a fast and efficient removal service when I was moving my fashion shop to another area of town. I was amazed at how competent the staff members were with dealing with the amount of clothes, and racks and rails that were needed for the displays at my new place. Nothing went astray, or was damaged; it all got safely placed at my new shop.

  • Laura Lee

Removal Company Clapham Junction were brilliant and had some incredible moving offers. They had various methods of transportation available which was good as we weren't restricted to hiring larger trucks when we only wanted a large van. I used the removal van hire to do my own move as I didn't have lots of possessions. There was still a good choice of modern vans and all came with a driver. I just had to fill the van and unload at my new flat. All went really well and the services were reasonably priced.

  • Kate Hunter

After our company underwent a significant expansion, I, as the office manager, was put in charge of the office removal. I had to make sure that everything was safely moved to the new place without disrupting the flow of the work at the office. I contacted Clapham Junction Removal Compan and got everything done within two days. Given the size of the office and the number of things they had to move, it was nothing short of impressive.

  • Sydney

I had been looking for a company that handles European removals for weeks and when I finally discovered that ClaphamJunctionRemovals handles all and any type of removal I was so excited! The level of service was unparalleled and it started with movers visiting my home and giving me a no-obligation estimate. Then we sat down and discussed all my options together over a cup of tea. Once we reached a decision it was smooth sailing after that! My belongings were collected and delivered as promised to my new Italian location!

  • Luciana C.

Thanks to all the team from ClaphamJunctionRemovals. I was dreading this move to be honest, but it all turned out well in the end. I was ever so happy with the end result. It all turned out superb in the end so I was very pleased about that. The movers loaded and unloaded everything for me and wouldn't let me lift a finger. They were so useful and even brought my heavy boxes to the front door. How can I possibly thank you enough for all your hard work?

  • Lorraine B.

Have to say I was very impressed with ClaphamJunctionRemovals - needed moving assistance at short notice, and came across them quite by accident. Overjoyed I did because they're a great company! Will be using them again in the near future, I can tell! Treated my furniture with utmost respect at every stage of the process, and it arrived at its destination without a scratch. Were very forthcoming and made sure I was 100% satisfied before they billed me. Very happy to pay top dollar for top quality services, but didn't need to in this case - really reasonable fees!

  • Oscar J.